Self Employment

The Conference Board of Canada says that 74 percent of new jobs created in coming years will be through self employment. If you are a long-tenured worker you may qualify for assistance that will allow you to become self-employed by starting your own business.

Your Service Canada office can help you determine if a) you are a long-tenured worker and b) you qualify for self employment assistance.

The self employment assistance program is provided and managed in a variety of ways in affiliation with organizations such as local Chambers of Commerce. If you qualify you could enter a program that will require you do in-depth market research to determine the viability of your idea, interviews with potential customers, competitors and businesses already in the line of business you want to develop and mentoring services from existing business people in your community.

It is a rigourous program and your Service Canada office can tell you if you qualify and direct you to your local provider.

If you do not qualify as a long-tenured worker, the road to self employment can be accessed through training and re-education with the assistance of student loans. Many colleges and schools throughout the Fraser Valley offer skills training and education programs that will prepare you for a new career as your own boss.

Some of the largest increases in jobs will come from service and technology sectors which are highly dependent on training. Earnings are cighly correlated with years of schooling so re-training may well be one of your best options.